What is RSO?

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Robotic Service Orchestration

Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform orchestrates the delivery and management of services across the human and digital workforce. It offers businesses the insight to decide what processes to automate and why, while providing the oversight to control and manage services end-to-end. This means the right worker does the right thing at the right time. Its potential has already been recognised by high-profile product vendors and businesses worldwide including; Capgemini, Fragomen, Capita, Generali and Serco, to name a few.

Deploying RSO creates an open ecosystem for automation where best of breed technologies can co-exist, and best practice process can be established and evolved. It enforces a change in behaviour towards incremental improvement and agility, while maintaining command and control. Whether the challenge is an internal department expecting a new hire to be handled correctly or an external customer expecting a product to be upgraded immediately and seamlessly - it helps businesses understand what is happening today, and how it can be improved tomorrow.

RSO can be implemented within a matter of weeks. Automated systems can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet demand and new technologies can be introduced - RSO doesn’t replace any existing systems, so IT processes don’t need to be re-engineered.

The Enate automation journey starts simple and enables any business of any size to add more sophistication and power over time, delivering big savings at every step.

What our partners say

“We at UiPath have Orchestrator to manage the robots, whilst Enate orchestrates the people element.  This is a very powerful combination.” 

Guy Kirkwood – Chief Evangelist UiPath