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What is Process Orchestration?

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Enate’s Process Orchestration platform orchestrates processes across a hybrid human and digital workforce.

Using Enate, you'll simplify processes from start to finish, ensuring the right worker does the right thing at the right time. 

Enate combines all the functionality of ticketing management, case management, work and capacity management, and workflow capabilities along with the real-time performance dashboard reports. You could say that we're BPM without the baggage.

Enate transforms your business whatever stage of automation you're at: human-only workforce, mix of humans and robotic process automation (RPA) bots, or using new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and digital agents. In brief, Enate orchestrates processes across a hybrid and digital workforce.

Enate can be implemented within weeks. Automated systems can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet demand and new technologies can be seamlessly introduced through Enate's open platform

Enate is trusted by big brands; our customers include TMF, CMS, Mizuho, Utmost Group and Capgemini.

Introduction to Enate

Enate’s key features

  • Process Orchestration - Manage work across a human, digital or hybrid workforce to increase productivity
  • Service management - Gain end-to-end visibility and control of service. Automate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Ticketing and email management - Manage all inbound and outbound emails
  • Case management and workflow - Control workflow across multiple locations to global and local standards 
  • Workforce management - Achieve oversight with instant, common governance to keep humans and bots in sync
  • Open ecosystem - 'Plug and play' RPA and emerging AI technologies without bespoke technical integration
  • Governance - Knit people and technology together, keeping a human in the loop to flip back to people when things go wrong
  • Management information reporting - Make better decisions with real-time management information - learn what to automate and why
  • Agile - Fast-track your digital transformation using an agile platform that’s live within weeks


The product

Enate's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product has different views for different roles.  

Enate's WorkManager module for team leaders and members

Work Manager – for team leaders/members, digital agents and operations managers

Work Manager provides an end-to-end view of operations: it shows the work coming in, work in progress, work awaiting execution and the priorities associated with them all. Work Manager is used by Team Leaders/Operations Managers and members of your service delivery team. Work Manager is where your team gets the work done. 

Managers and team leaders control their workforce here, whether that's a human-only workforce or a combined human and digital workforce. People and bots involved in the service delivery handle tickets, cases and perform actions. With visibility of the entire service, managers can make sure the right work is allocated to the right resources at the right time, adjusting where necessary. 

  • See all the work that needs to be done
  • Save time allocating work - easily reassign work if team members fall behind


Builder – for business analysts and CoEs

Enate Builder is used by Business Analysts or people within the Centre of Excellence (CoE) to define and tweak processes that make up a service.

Builder shows where human and bots interchange tasks to deliver an end-to-end service.

Builder provides the tools to define your services and how they are delivered, easily switching between humans and bots.

You can build the business processes in your service in layers: connecting high-level Steps to more detailed Actions and the rules required for them.


Enate's Builder module for analysts and Centre of Excellence people
Enate Dashboarding

Dashboarding – for executives, service delivery managers and operations managers

Enate Dashboarding provides real-time analytics to enable performance improvements. Dashboarding is used by Executives and Operations Managers to monitor the overall service operations.

Dashboarding focuses on three types of management information:

  • Operational: reporting on service risks to show timelines, quality, volume, peak times, performance against benchmarks 
  • Resource: reporting on performance of human and bot resources to show utilisation, defects and productivity
  • Directional: reporting on what to automate next to show human by capacity by skill, activity costs and the complexity/variability of actions


Self-Service – for your customers

Enate's Self Service module allows end customers to start, track and update their requests for a service. Individual Self Service environments can be customised with your branding. 



Process Orchestration image

Download this information as a PDF guide 


  • How process orchestration enables you to orchestrate work to get digital faster
  • The core features of Enate's product 
  • How Enate's four core modules (Work Manager, Builder, Dashboarding and Self-Service) are designed for different roles within your organisation 

Download the Guide

What our partners say

“We at UiPath have Orchestrator to manage the robots, whilst Enate orchestrates the people element.  This is a very powerful combination.” 

Guy Kirkwood – Chief Evangelist UiPath