$58 per user, per month

Payments are made annually in advance. Prices are based on a minimum of 40 users. Subscription price is for Software as a Service (SaaS). For more information about pricing, get in touch.



Typically, around 10% of the user population need access to Enate Dashboarding. 

Users $25 per user, per month (users can only view reports)
Authors $50 per user, per month (authors can create and design new reports)

Payments are made annually in advance. 

Enate SaaS Dashboarding includes Tableau licensing

For users who raise and manage Tickets and Cases through Self-Service.

$0.10 per user, per month 

Payments are made annually in advance. 


PricingDownload this information as a PDF guide 


  • How much a subscription to Enate costs
  • How much Enate add-ons for Dashboarding and Self-Service costs per user 


Download the Guide

Find out more - request a demo

A demo with one of our team will give you: 

  • An introduction to the power of orchestration in transforming your business
  • An overview of the core capabilities of the Enate product across our WorkManager, Builder, Dashboarding and Self-Service modules
  • An understanding of our agile SaaS platform and implementation process - live within weeks, no costly integration required 
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