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The future of work is humans and robots working together. Enate's service orchestration platform orchestrates work across the human, robot or hybrid workforce, so you get the right worker (human and/or bot), for the right task, at the right time with complete control over complexity, visibility and cost. Enate's open platform enables automation at scale through instant, common governance across different vendors and technologies. Learn more

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Press release - Enate has partnered with NewDawn, an independent implementation company specialising in risk management and process control alongside RPA. Together, Enate and NewDawn will help businesses to build a successful digital workforce by automating control activities and achieving greater efficiency through orchestration of workflows between human employees and robots. Find out more.


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Three ways leaders will manage operations in the age of automation - We're entering operations in the ‘robotic age’ where hyper-connectedness and data flows define our every move. The workforce has diversified: we have ‘digital workers’ in the organisation - whether that’s RPA robots, ML models or anything else. Don’t kid yourself that this makes management easier … it doesn’t. Kit Cox, Enate CEO, outlines three ways operations management will change. Read more.

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