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Enate orchestrates processes across a hybrid human and digital workforce.


About Enate

Enate is a process orchestration platform that enables the journey to intelligent automation by giving you core BPM capability without all the baggage that comes with a full BPM implementation. We orchestrate processes across a hybrid human and digital workforce and provide business insight through reports and dashboards.

Organisations like TMF, CMS, Mizuho, Capgemini and Utmost Group, trust Enate to help them achieve savings across their processes, as they bring together manual actions, legacy systems and move towards a hybrid workforce using RPA and IA.

We help our clients’ business to scale and revenue to grow without proportionally increasing operating costs.

Watch our latest Building Blocks video to find out how Enate combines human and digital workers together, simply.


Solutions by Industry

Global Business Services: laying the foundation for future innovation - discover the major challenges faced by the sector, and the solution: free whitepaper, Big Four case study and use cases 

Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector: a bright future awaits - find out how to make the future of work simpler, quicker and easier through the free demo video, whitepaper and TMF case study.

Insurance: simplifying the digital transformation journey - learn how to transform your operations with a 6-week project to go live, plus read our free whitepaper and Utmost case study.



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How Enate can help you

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How to enable a faster, lower-risk path to automation

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Unite best-in-class technology with human workforces

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