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What is Process Orchestration?
A short guide to the Enate product

In this short guide, we explore how Process Orchestration can transform your business by orchestrating work so you can get digital faster and scale through a hybrid workforce.

Learn about the core modules of the Enate product, designed for different roles within your organisation. 

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IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Enate


Bringing service delivery into the digital age
An IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Enate

This IDC InfoBrief explores how a specialised type of work automation platform, the process orchestration platform, can enable organisations to extend the power and value of intelligent automation by managing the workloads of digital workers and humans in collaboration, while providing real-time performance insights in an easy-to-use interface.

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Enterprise process orchestration  
An Everest Group research whitepaper

The latest whitepaper from research firm Everest Group explores how the rapid proliferation of automation is driving the need to orchestrate the flow of work across the digital and human workforce to realise business value from automation investments. Includes use cases and enterprise case study. 

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Mitigating insurers' digital transformation challenges through process orchestration 
Real-world solutions to industry challenges

Explore the unsolved challenges faced by the insurance industry for digitally transforming to remain competitive. This whitepaper provides solutions to real-world insurance challenges for future market leaders by explaining how Process Orchestration enables complete control of a hybrid workforce of people and digital workers. 

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Case study 2

Case Study: Global immigration firm deploys Enate’s Service Orchestration platform to improve back-office operations

By partnering with Enate, our client was able to achieve a 20% year on-year improvement in productivity, and enabled the firm to onboard more domestic business without any disruption to global support.

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Guide: RPA and RSO - Navigating to Automation Success

In this guide, we explore how to balance automation and orchestration in your organisation, to deliver more than the sum of their parts.

Plus how, by embracing both, companies are able to deliver more bots, at greater speed, and with less risk.

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Case study 3


Case Study: Global professional services firm deploys Enate’s Service Orchestration platform to streamline complex back-office operations

By partnering with Enate, our client successfully streamlined operations resulting in overall efficiency savings of 10%, work allocation transparency and robust MIS reporting.

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ROI handbook

The Automation ROI Handbook:
Greater ROI using human and digital workforce orchestration

In this guide, explore how to get a greater return on investment using human and robot orchestration. This handbook is designed to be used alongside Enate's online ROI Calculator

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Case Study: Utmost deploys Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform to help transform operations

In this case study, find out how Enate RSO delivered an 80% reduction in internal processing time, (within six months of go-live, after a five-week implementation project), amongst other significant customer facing improvements.

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Guide: Using RSO to Tackle Automation Deployment Challenges & Manage the Combined Human/Digital Workforce

In this guide, we explore how organisations can achieve more business benefits through RSO, and how companies can use RSO to tackle automation deployment, and to manage the combined human/digital workforce.

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Tackling the Top 5 Challenges of Automation at Scale cover.png

Guide: Tackling the Top 5 Challenges of Automation at Scale - Part One

The first part of our free whitepaper covers 2 of the 5 of the most common automation challenges, including what should companies automate and when, and how companies can achieve governance, insight and control.

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Guide: Tackling the Top 5 Challenges of Automation at Scale - Part Two

The second part of our free whitepaper covers the final 3 most common automation challenges, including open vs closed ecosystems, ROI & resource, and small process automations vs 'big ticket' transformation.

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