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What we do



Making the future of work simpler through process orchestration

Imagine a future of work where you can manage a hybrid workforce of human and digital workers working autonomously and remotely, working at times that suit them and on things that they enjoy.

And now imagine that as a business you've got complete visibility of the work and that workforce. You never miss an SLA. And you've got the ability to scale up and scale down as the business demands.

Then imagine that that future can work better for you than the old ways of working. 

That's the future where Enate comes to play.

Why we know what we're talking about

Unlike most intelligent automation vendors, who've just focused on the technology, we've recognised that to deliver great services you need great people. And we've placed the human at the heart of our approach to delivering intelligent automation.

From our past work in the outsourcing and shared services sectors, we got to see at first-hand how businesses were no longer looking to new geographies for savings in their workforce costs, but were now shifting their focus to look at digital resources instead. We got early visibility and knew that it was going to be a game-changer. The age of the bots was upon us.

We could see that many of the challenges which our client base would experience would continue to be about the same things operationally – visibility, control, MI. It’s just that the resources that the Ops Managers of the future would need to control would now be made up of a hybrid workforce, with all the challenges of orchestration that would bring.

Taking the service viewpoint

We could see that the RPA companies were steaming ahead with the tech required at the coalface to make robotics work, but we recognised that the real barriers to it succeeding and expanding – the thing that takes you from five to 500 bots – would be to ensure that you still look at things from a service viewpoint - everything’s driven with the customer at its core – it’s about looking at the entire end-to-end service, not just the technology.

So that's why we built the new Enate platform in 2017 - to help businesses manage those end-to-end customer journeys across the new hybrid workforce of human and digital workers (from all forms of IA).

Our customers now include organisations like TMF, CMS, Mizuho, Capgemini and Utmost Group, which trust Enate to help them achieve savings across their processes, as they bring together manual actions, legacy systems and move towards a hybrid workforce using RPA and IA.

Keeping our 'simple' principle at the heart of everything we do
Enate's Process Orchestration platform enables the journey to intelligent automation by giving businesses core BPM capability without all the baggage that comes with a full BPM implementation. We orchestrate processes across a hybrid human and digital workforce and provide business insight through reports and dashboards.
We keep the solutions simple, quick and pragmatic. For example:
  • We offer the useful bits of BPM (workflow, case management and ticketing) without the unnecessary parts that add work and complexity
  • We ensure the work gets done at the right time by the right worker - be it a human worker or a digital one such as RPA bots, intelligent OCR etc.
  • We provide key productivity and operational insight to support decision-making and enable optimisation of operations.
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