If you have lots of clients in lots of countries each with
their own needs

If you’ve got too many systems in your service centre

If ‘standard service’ is an alien concept in your
organisation, then...

Your Problem - Standardisation

enate simplifies

Enate is a single platform for change, removing the need for separate CMR, BPM & Performance Management tools.

We help you create standard services and choose purposeful variations where customers need them.

Enate customers deploy new services to new customers in hours.

Simplification means doing the same thing where you can, while still giving customers the personal touch.

Enate is the best product to manage global standards and local variance in your service centre. Here’s why…

Standard models bring huge benefits – they help share resource, reduce training costs, establish best practice and make sure that quality remains high. With enate you can define global service templates which allow you to deploy new services to new countries & business areas within hours. But like the best made to measure tailoring, enate service templates are easily shaped to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

The trick? Standardise the Variance – enate shows you the way..

Start with Standard Templates.

.. then overlay variance.

Set different

Set country-specific form sections.




Delivery Team

Self Service




Integrations to e.g SAP / Oracle

Just like the ‘standard’ extras you can opt for when buying a car, enate allows you to easily apply variance and slot it into place with the standard model.

What’s more, enate gives you absolute clarity on the cost of each variation… the fewer whistles & bells, the better the final cost.

Struggling to balance standards with customer-specific needs? Get in touch and let us show you how we can help you get there.

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