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What's your saving?

Use our interactive tool to estimate your ROI based on your own data


Using Enate, your savings will be greater than the sum of all your automation parts. Try our interactive calculator to see for yourself.

Work out your return on investment (ROI) by defining your workforce. Move the sliders to change the number of human users and robots in your workforce. Move the sliders to define the average cost, per user, per year. Let our tool work out your ROI and monthly costs and savings when using Enate's Process Orchestration platform alongside automation. 

For more information about how to build the business case for automation using industry-standard parameters, download our Automation ROI Handbook for a guide to getting a greater return on investment using human and robot orchestration. 

Want to learn more? - request a demo 

A demo with one of our team will give you:

  • An introduction to the power of orchestration in transforming your business 
  • An overview of the core capabilities of the Enate product across our Work Manager, Builder, Dashboarding and Self-Service modules
  • An understanding of the agile platform and implementation process - live within weeks, no costly integration required