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Free to learn, free to play 


Enate Community is a free to learn, free to play environment.

Enate Community provides you free access to our product environment to try out configurations of your own company processes and learn how Process Orchestration can help your business. 

As part of Community, you'll also have access to Enate Academy where you'll run through training courses to learn exactly how to use Enate before you start playing. Enate Community Forum is also a place where we can all help and learn from each other. 

Watch an introduction to Enate Community by Enate's Head of Learning, David Carron:

How does Enate Community differ from Enate's paid-for product?

Community is designed for play rather than production, so work item data isn't hosted long-term. All the configurations and processes you'll build will remain within your account while work item data is hosted for around a month at a time.


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