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Q2 - v2019.2

Release date: 21st August 2019


1.             Work Manager

Enate's Work Manager site has been completely re-written into Angular 8, providing a faster user experience and refreshed GUI.

1.1          New Feature – Call Handling new Interface

There are main sections on the Contact Activity page are as follows:


  1. Caller Details – This section allows you to update contact details of the searched caller and subsequently refer to their user details .
  2. Caller Activity – Displays all system activity (work items) which relate to the caller. Each work item is shown as a card with metadata about it like Reference, Title of work item, Due Date, Assignee, Queue, and state. Work Items can be opened for further details by clicking on reference and title. Running items are displayed by default, completed packets can also be displayed.
  3. Caller Communications – Displays communications relating to the user and the packets in the activity section (notes & incoming / outgoing emails). Free text searching is available here to locate specific communications – searches against email body text.
  4. Start New Work Item – Allows call taker to start a new piece of work for the contact. The links displayed here as options are auto-generated when a Ticket or Case is set to a state of ‘Live’ in Builder and has the ‘Show in Contacts’ setting ticked.

When you search for a user in Quickfind then click on that user, the system will open up the Contact Activity page of the user. If you are searching for a contact record for someone who does not yet have one in the system, the records display section will now give you the option of creating new contact. Navigate to the filtered  ‘people’  search in Quickfind to see this new ‘add a contact’ link when searching.



1.2          Agent’s Inbox

The homepage allows Team Members to view the work for their area of business, sitting in their work queues and with their team members (Human). Your homepage allows you to flip between your inbox, owned work and your team’s inbox, owned work. 


2          Enate Builder


2.1          Additional language configuration 

Builder is the tool used by Super Users and Business Analysts to build Case and Ticket configurations.

  • The out-of-the-box display and UI elements in Builder (i.e. the on-screen system labels) will still be displayed only in English.
  • The meta-data which the Super Users / Business Analysts create using the Builder tool will support them doing so in multiple different languages, e.g. the name of a given Action or Checklist created by a BA can be defined by them in English, Portuguese and Spanish. This allows the same underlying object to be seen subsequently by Work manager end users in their local language.

Enate Builder will work from the concept of a ‘Main Language’. When a Configurer is working in Builder day-to-day, the metadata (e.g. texts for Tickets, Cases, Actions etc.) they create gets saved as the ‘Main language’ for that object. Subsequently, configurers can define translations in Builder for each object text.



Once you define your translation in Builder then work manager user can use defined language in their interface to see work manager fully translated in their local languages. You can request for additional language package at Enate feedback website – https://feedback.enate.net/languages.          


2.2          Smart card export import capability with rich code editor 

Builder Card designer shows a rich code editor for writing custom code. Smart card can be exported from UAT environment to Production environment by using import/export capability in card section.



When you click on ‘Export Card’ system will bring up pop over to pick up the cards to be exported as JSON file. Once you have exported the card(s) from UAT environment as JSON file then can import them into Production environment by using ‘import card’ on top.

Many more improvements in this release, please refer to release notes for full detail.

Read Enate's Product Owner Kamal Saran's introduction to the release on our blog. Share your feedback at - https://feedback.enate.net