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Executive Team

Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform is simplifying services and addressing the underlying issues of complexity, visibility, costs and control.

We are helping companies to: 

Improve: Enate allows you to manage your services as effectively as a specialist service provider.

We align your IT and digital team so that they’re in optimal position to support your vision of automation within operations. We help them focus on achieving your automation goals as well as selecting best of breed products that will mature over time to create an evolving ecosystem.

Orchestrate: Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform lets you:
- Run an interactive dashboard to achieve 100% visibility of your workforce and the work being done, helping you to solve any challenges standing in the way of meeting SLAs.
- Track the cause of any problem, whether internal or external.
- View detailed visibility of costs on a real-time activity-based cost model to answer your critical financial questions.

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We are helping managers to:

Explore: Automation is relatively new and changing fast, so for some companies, it is difficult to know where to start. Enate provides the information to help start this journey and the flexibility to change as the landscape evolves.

Enate provides a one stop shop for compliance-heavy processes, allowing you to define risk mitigators and show evidence that they have been performed in one platform.

Orchestrate: Every manager needs to identify risk amongst workload, and to check the capacity of their workforce. Enate’s Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform lets you:
- Gain more transparency on team and individual performance, giving you control of your human and digital workforce.
- Manage against your SLA related due dates with an intuitive red/amber/green filtering component
- Adjust team work queues, and identify your star performers with Enate’s reporting data.

Enate is working with management teams using our ­Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform to to provide better insight into their human and digital workforce. 

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Brilliant people will always be a company’s most valuable asset.


Using our Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO) platform, Enate is helping the human workforce to:

Innovate: By enabling companies to automate the repetitive tasks in your role, RSO is freeing up time for you to excel in tasks which require a human touch.

RSO gives you the data to demonstrate how great you are at your job. Results show more positive feedback from customers, generating positive customer satisfaction metrics to drive personal bonuses and advancement.

Time management becomes simpler with RSO:
- RSO gives you complete clarity by highlighting what your tasks are, and when they’re due.
- Through our free text search, you can also find your desired ticket in double quick time.
- RSO also helps you easily swap between different service lines or customers to boost your productivity and hit your deadlines.

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