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A bright future awaits for the

Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector

The goal is to make the future of work simpler, quicker and easier

The Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector is one that lives or dies on service quality, consistency and the ability to mitigate risk and impact to clients. The challenges commonly emerging today are an amalgamation of issues surfaced as a result of the pandemic, as well as those that have previously been papered over and can no longer be ignored.

Enate is seeing five major challenges emerge within the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector: 

  • Ease of onboarding new staff and customers
  • Delivering high quality customer experiences
  • Throughput and efficiency savings without big ticket technology price tags
  • Managing a remote and disparate workforce
  • Moving towards a new target operating model based on competency not role

How the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector has adapted to these challenges has been a tale of innovation, inspiration and inventiveness when it comes to change management through digital transformation. The challenges underline the critical importance in amalgamating people and technology. As a result, it has thrust the role of automation and orchestration to the fore and shone a spotlight on the impact, role and relationship between human and bot.

For all the potential value that automation can bring, it must not be at the cost of employee value or well-being. The goal is to make the future of work simpler, quicker and easier for humans while improving the bottom-line of the business and delivering exceptional client experiences.

And that is where Enate comes in...

Watch our video to see how the Enate platform can help deliver better customer experience, reduce operating costs and manage a hybrid workforce:

Trust Fund Full Video v1.4


The agents of change: whitepaper


Whitepaper: The agents of change: A bright future awaits for the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector

Despite the ever changing environment, the end goal remains clear - to help clients improve their businesses and drive then towards digital transformation in the most effective way possible. All without losing sight of an unwavering commitment to customer experience. And that is what this whitepaper covers - from the major challenges to how the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector can embrace technology to evolve as a result.

Download the whitepaper


TMF case study


Case study: TMF Group deploys Enate for its global digital strategy

In this case study, find out why Enate was chosen by TMF Group, how Enate helped select an implementation partner, and how by the end of 2019 TMF Group had successfully piloted new models for each service, onboarding over 200 users in three languages, and training management teams along the way. Finally, find out why the partnership between TMF Group and Enate continues...

Download the case study

process orchestration thumbnail


Process Orchestration for the Trust, Fund & Corporate Services sector

Find out how corporate services organisations that deploy process orchestration, can knit the disparate elements of their operating model together, achieve visibility across all teams irrespective of location, and ensure that technology and employees are aligned and work together as efficiently and
productively as possible.

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