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Why customer feedback is important to Enate

Posted at 09/10/19 09:30 in customer experience, customer feedback 0 Comments

By Kamal Saran, Enate's Product Owner 

Customer feedback definition: Information coming directly from customers about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction they feel with a product or a service. Customer comments and complaints given to a company are an important resource for improving and addressing the needs and wants of the customer.

Why feedback is important to Enate

1. Customer feedback helps us improve the product
Feedback is vital. Advantages, flaws and user experience can only be learnt once the customer uses the product. Without feedback, we would not have the insight to know what is working and what needs to be done to improve both the customer experience and the product.
2. Customer feedback helps us measure customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a crucial factor that determines a company’s financial performance. It is directly linked to many benefits, such as increased market share, lower costs, or higher revenue. Many studies have confirmed a close connection between customer satisfaction and business performance. Therefore, there is no doubt that Enate wants to make sure our customers are happy. The best way to find out if Enate meets customers expectations is to get their opinions.
3. Customer feedback is a reliable source of information to other consumers
When researching, potential consumers look to current customers for their opinions and experience. Customer reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but have the power to gain customer trust.
4. Customer feedback provides the data to make product road-map decisions
There is no place for business decisions based on guestimates in a highly competitive market. Successful business owners gather and manage distinct sets of data that helps them develop future strategies. Only in this way are they are able to adjust their products and services to perfectly fit their customer needs.
Customer feedback is one of the most reliable sources of tangible data for making business decisions. Customer insights help us understand customers and their needs more profoundly. Enate considers all feedback, no matter how small.


How we capture user feedback

There are multiple channels to pass customer feedback to Enate:
1. Feature request websitehttps://feedback.enate.net
2. Feedback tool - embedded in the product for users to pass their feedback directly to Enate
3. Support portal – we review and analyse every support request coming from customers - if they fall in the product request bucket, then these are added to the product feature request portal
4. Community and Forum – Enate Forum (https://forum.enate.community) is the platform to have discussions around product capabilities among Enate users - users are advised to use the product feedback link to pass their suggestion to us

In the next post, I am going to talk about how we process the customer feedback and communicate back to the customer.

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