Enate Sponsor RPA & Intelligent Automation BFSI event

Posted at 22/06/17 11:37 in Robotic Process Automation 2 Comments

The Enate team is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring and attending IQPC’s RPA & Artificial Intelligence for BFSI event on 10-12th July. The event, which takes place at Amba Marble Arch in London, places a surgical focus on practical and specific challenges for the BFSI industry.

Enate CEO, Kit Cox, will be hosting an interactive workshop on Monday 10th July at 11:30am – Taking an evidence-based approach to automation: quantify the potential and deliver positive outcomes. The workshop will focus on getting started with automation and Robotic Service Orchestration (RSO), using Lego® to show organisations how to accurately identify and prioritise areas to automate in order to maximise business benefits. Kit will discuss the importance of striking the right balance between bots and humans, and how to overcome the transformational changes that come alongside this.

While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still just a buzzword within some industries, banking, insurance and financial institutions are using these technologies to leverage key competitive advantage. The RPA & Intelligent Automation BFSI event provides attendees with real life insights from a top-notch speaker panel, including experts from Barclays, American Express and Automation Anywhere.

The event sessions are tailored to help organisations realise the full potential of their robotic and Intelligent Automation (IA) projects, mature their cognitive capabilities, and scale their projects to significantly impact the bottom line of their business.

If you’re attending the RPA & Intelligent Automation BFSI event and would like to learn more about how RSO can enhance your automation project, why not arrange to meet with a member of the Enate team? We don’t bite, unless there’s biscuits. Get in touch today.

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