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Everyone likes a preview...

We decided to make a few changes this year and allow our customers to preview releases before implementation - to ensure they have every opportunity to test and feed back prior to going live. Find out more about our first official customer preview ahead of our 2020.1 release, courtesy of Chris Pearce, VP Customer Success and Kamal Saran, Product Manager.   

Originally discussed during a round of client roadshows undertaken earlier this year (before the lockdown!), we are proud to be able to now confirm our new release cycle is up and running, with our first official customer preview release now available for the upcoming 2020.1 version of Enate.

Up until 2020, we adopted a pretty standard quarterly product release strategy to provide updated software to our customers. From 2020 onwards, we have moved to three releases a year. This is due to a pretty simple philosophy: make it easier for our customers.

Thanks to direct feedback received via our Customer Success Team, we understood that they don’t necessarily have the resources and/or appetite to upgrade their environment each quarter. Our new approach also now invites customer to participate in a pre-release for one month prior to production release which now gives them the opportunity to feedback, allowing us to address any of this feedback, before the official release. It was important that we took these steps to continue to evolve with our customers and not dictate a ‘standard industry practice’ which wouldn’t work for them.

Here are some of the headlines for new and enhanced features, many of which have been requested by our customers and implemented as a result of this feedback: 

New features: 

  • Add Conditions to your steps to decide which Action is started.
  • Decide in Builder if notes and emails are needed before you can resolve a Ticket.
  • Choose if you wish users to see the Time Tracker (It continues to record for MI regardless)
  • Change the Supplier of a Contract in Builder where multiple Suppliers exist.
  • Rename and delete Queues from Builder.
  • Set Cases and Tickets live with the specific permissions granted for a ‘Release Manager’ role.
  • Tag files of work items to identify them to other users, technologies, and automated Actions
  • Set Due Dates to be the end of the day.
  • Use Custom Data fields to set Due Date on work item.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Actions in Builder.

Enhanced features: 

  • Peer-reviewers can now edit Record Count, Files, Contacts, Defects, and data on custom cards
  • Submit and send buttons are disabled when an email is sending to avoid accidentally sending more than once.
  • While a file is uploading the submit and email send buttons are disabled.
  • Improved manual editing of current time-on-task value to avoid user confusion when submitting.

DP-1The CHeadshot - Jun20ustomer Success Team (Chris Pearce, VP Customer Success, pictured right) will be contacting customers directly to help each one access and make the most of the Preview Release, and of course, all feedback is important in helping us refine these features ahead of general release (Kamal Saran, Product Manager pictured left)

Find out more about our product updates here, see  or download our 'Enate Customer Success Services' guide here

To find out more about Enate and how we can help, contact the team directly via www.enate.net.



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