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Opinion: Is the RPA market a ‘winner takes all’?

Our CEO Kit Cox shared his thoughts on the RPA market this week, considering its potential growth and whether or not it will be a single ‘winner takes all’ situation like Facebook.


In short, his answer is 'no'.

Kit says this understanding has been cleared up by the vendors as “they’ve all stopped calling bots, bots and everyone has started using the phrase 'digital workers'."

This change has highlighted the direct similarity between the digital and human workforce, and the vast differences that you can get across your digital workforce.

“You will have mixtures of digital workers that are expensive and digital workers that are quite cheap, digital workers that are real experts at their jobs and then generalists... That mixture, and particularly the price point, is why it won’t be a winner takes all market."

We are already seeing this as companies that actually have RPA at scale will use multiple bot vendors as they’re looking for more not less. Given that there are numerous leaders in the industry such as UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere (all of which partner with Enate), but also plenty of niche players that offer more specified products, companies do have that ability to “have more”, which is why it won’t be a winner takes all market.

Finally Kit adds, “You’ve got to skill up the digital worker side of the organisation. If you do that then you’ll win out.” 


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