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Why Culture Beats Capability Every Time

Posted at 25/04/18 10:08 in Culture, RPA Vendors, Capability, Automation Space 1 Comment

Company culture has always been important to me, and at Enate I hope the whole team has enjoyed creating, and working in an open, supportive and empowering environment. As CEO, I stick to the rigid principle that life’s too short to work with assholes! With that in mind, you might find it helpful to take a few moments to pick up on other companies’ culture where you can.

I’ll never forget the time I arrived at the offices of a large service provider, and at reception – bearing in mind this was a normal building – having to watch a three-minute safety video including such advice as not to use stairs while carrying a coffee.

Or when the staff at another company all suddenly stood up in our meeting when the chairman walked into the room, as if he were the headmaster at a strict public school. Incidents like these told me more about the organisations and their respective cultures than hours of website and literature review could ever do.

In the intelligent automation space where we work, it’s also interesting to check in on culture. I realised recently that we can tell a lot about each of the ‘big three’ RPA vendors from the names of events they host:

- UiPath Together – the idea of being ‘better together’ demonstrates, for me at least, UiPath’s friendliness and open culture

- Automation Anywhere Imagine – a comment on the amazing potential of the automation space - AA enjoys an innovative, technology-led culture

- Blue Prism World – Blue Prism’s more traditional, Enterprise culture, is reflected here

Am I reading too much into it? What’s been your experience of working with any or all of these large vendors? I’d love to hear your stories, positive or otherwise!

You might not see it asked on any RFP, but I’m certain that culture is more important to the success of a working relationship than anything else. Remember, however capable a company or an individual might be, if they don’t play well in a positive environment, then it’s just not worth working with them.

Culture really does beat capability, every time.

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