4 questions to ask yourself about intelligent automation before investing

Posted at 13/05/19 13:04 in 0 Comments

Enate's CEO Kit Cox will be joining a presidential debate today at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week (SSOW) event in Lisbon, Portugal, alongside other industry's leaders such as Redwood Software, Blue Prism, Antworks and Infosys to discuss the key issues around the reality and expectation of intelligent automation.

The debate will address the latest industry challenges and the level of scepticisim surrounding intelligent automation in the global business services and shared services sectors. The media is hyped with estimations, use cases and future of work promises. So, why is there still a degree of confusion, hesitation and doubt about when to swallow the automation pill?

The key questions we should all be asking ourselves (and the key questions the panel will be debating) are:

Should BPO customers be taught how to force their service providers to implement automation, and contract for that in their renewal?

Is it pointless to count the number of robot scripts created if you don’t tell me how many spreadsheets you use?

Is RPA/task automation obsolete? Should you jump straight into machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Is automation really just about cutting heads and cost reduction?

Follow the debate live at 2pm on Monday 13th May by following SSOW on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ssoweek. Enate will bring you the analysis of the debate and industry leaders' views on the blog. 






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