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Here whenever you need us

In response to our fast growing and global customer base, the Enate team is excited to announce the official launch of the new 24x5 Helpdesk.

In our new boundaryless, global business environment, we know that it is more important than ever to be available to our customers when they need us the most, an occurrence which is now more likely to take place outside of the pre-pandemic ‘normal’ working hours.

Launched on Monday 29th June 2020, Enate’s helpdesk will be delivering services around the clock from Monday 9am (CT) to 5pm (PST) on a Friday, ensuring we can respond rapidly to our customers in their own time zone around the world, as part of our expansion of Customer Success services. And to ensure that our customers enquiries can always be expertly responded to, in addition to our qualified ‘night team’, we will always have a member of the ‘day team’ on call if further support is needed, and without having to wait until the following morning. Not only does this support new ways of working, it also speeds up the processing of all tickets which can now be managed in ‘real-time’ leading to even faster resolution.

Commenting on the launch Chris Pearce, VP Customer Success said: “This is a great step forward in our Customer Success ambitions and reflects on the truly global customer base we now have at Enate. I’m also really proud of our team, especially in these challenging conditions, for being able to launch at a time when our customers rely on us more than ever to deliver Software as a Service”.

Please visit our Customer Success Service page for further information.

To find out more about boundaryless working, take a look at our recent blog, 'Embracing boundaryless working', or sign up to our webinar, in partnership with HFS Research, 'Achieving boundaryless working in the new normal', taking place on Tuesday 14th July. 


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