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    Transform your insurance operations with complete control of your hybrid workforce.

    Enate’s Process Orchestration platform orchestrates the delivery and management of services across a hybrid workforce of people and technology, so people can seamlessly pick up tasks that RPA bots (or other digital agents) fail to complete due to process failures or exceptions.

    Enate provides an operational view of all the work that's being done, when, where and why - whether it's a person, bot or other digital agent carrying out the task.

    Insurers face unique challenges

    • Monitoring SLAs when managing outstanding requirements across systems and teams
    • Differentiating between minor and major policy changes - and wasting time as a result
    • Providing a consistent service to stakeholders - whether internal or external
    • Scaling automation efforts without an accurate ROI for business cases 

    Enate enables insurers to:

    • reduce operating costs and achieve visibility across a hybrid workforce 
    • increase sales
    • provide a better - and more consistent - client experience
    • reduce end-to-end policy servicing times
    • identify automation opportunities


    Watch our video to see how you can transform your operations with a 6-week project to go live:



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