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    • In a few steps, calculate the ROI of implementing Enate’s Process Orchestration Platform.
    • Input basic information about your business like Staff Costs, Operational Costs, Automation Costs (if you have implemented technologies like RPA), and Enate Implementation and Licence Costs.
    • Once you have keyed in the relevant details, the ROI sheet will give you the calculated details of annual achievable ROI in terms of savings on operational and automation costs.
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    Automation vs Orchestration

    • Automation lets you save valuable human resource time from repetitive & mundane tasks like reading an invoice, entering data into forms, and so on.
    • Orchestration, on the other hand, improves your operations as a whole – including your automation, brings in efficiency, tracks resource utilization, enforces compliance to standard operating procedures and SLAs, and provides metrics for continuous improvements.

    Operational Reports

    • Features day-to-day operational reports that provide visibility on workloads, SLAs, TATs, and AHTs.

    • Reports leverage real-time data and are configurable to your business needs.

    Productivity & Utilization Reports

    • This report features productivity and utilization metrics for the human and bot workforce and provides intel on top performers,  productive teams, and underutilized resources.

    • Reports leverage real-time data and are configurable to your business needs.


    Automation Potential Reports

    • The Automation potential report focuses on what you can automate and its commercial impact

    Custom Reports

    • This features Custom Reports where you can configure your business-specific reports on Enate.