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    A leading global professional services firm, which employs close to 300,000 individuals globally, wanted to improve the efficiency of back-office operations and enable greater transparency of the entire operation.


    The firm’s global financial operations exhibited a complex and voluminous mass of email communications. This included process oriented replies and redistribution, as well as manual email-based ticketing process within the various finance teams supporting multiple countries. Such a ecosystem was fraught with errors and inefficiency.


    Enate implemented its orchestration platform to streamline incoming work and email management across their human and bot workforce (since they had implemented RPA). It was initially implemented in Finance and Accounting management processes and later expanded to Risk Management Services. The PoC and the subsequent implementation ensured that it complied with different security mandates, regional operating differences, and accommodated flexible needs of teams as well.


    "I am increasingly seeing Enate as essential to our global automation initiative."



    Orchestration proved to be a very successful move for the firm, and within 12 months, utilisation of Enate moved from around 150 users to over 1,000 humans and bots, across multiple teams, fulfilling requests from customers across multiple countries around the world. Overall, the teams implementing Enate experienced overall efficiency savings of 10% in addition to work allocation transparency and robust MIS reporting, providing the firm with clear data to deliver continuous improvement goals. 


    10% quicker turnaround times


    10% in overall efficiency savings


    80% reduction in internal processing time


    20% YoY improvement in productivity