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    A global immigration services firm based in New York, employing more than 4000 professionals across 50 offices, sought to improve the efficiency of their back-office function in India.


    Each team of the back-office functions of the firm worked with multiple spreadsheets and required a full-time employee to consolidate the spreadsheets at the end of each month. This process was fraught with complexities, prone to human errors, and was affecting SLA’s. Also, managing higher volumes during peak periods and ensuring real-time visibility of reports to key stakeholders was a challenge.

    Enate was implemented for two workstreams: case processing (visa processing and requests from partner offices) and business support (day-to-day business data management activities). Enate’s service orchestration platform manages and tracks the demand and supply of work across teams while tracking progress to SLAs and confirmation of completion. This eased the management and tracking of the annual peaks. The dashboards made reporting not only transparent but far easier to manage for the business leaders.

    "The more you use Enate for decision making, the better Enate is for your organisation."



    The introduction of Enate has enabled our client to achieve up to 20% YoY improvement in productivity, along with other process improvements such as introducing lean principles to cut down on waste and improve efficiencies. It has also enabled the firm to onboard more domestic business without any disruption to global support.


    20% excess capacity exposed


    Introduced automation solutions RPA & Intelligent OCR.


    20% quicker Turn Around Time


    80% reduction in internal processing time