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    How does Enate fare better than other Process Orchestration solutions?

    By Nevethithaa | December 28, 2020


    While there are other tools which claim to manage human-bot collaboration, Enate is one of the most cost-effective and ROI-driven as compared to others. It has unrivalled features which help it emerge as a trailblazer in the industry.

    Any business or company that seeks to future-proof itself eventually finds its way to orchestration because it’s simpler than BPM and more capable of handling complex processes than ITSM.

    Enate distinguishes itself from other human-bot orchestrators in areas such as:
    ● Philosophy
    ● Key Features


    • Philosophy
      Enate is a standalone orchestration platform compared to other orchestrators which come with a big services wrapper. Enate focuses on rendering its core service to the user, without forcing them to pay for other non-core services and pointless technical baggage.

      Generic human-bot orchestrators are often built to enable vertical business solutions, meaning they are for solving industry-specific or niche-specific problems.

      On the contrary, Enate is in favour of horizontal business solutions, i.e., generalized solutions that can be adopted by various industries and different customers.

      This grants Enate versatility and adaptability, thereby increasing ROI.

    • Key Features
      Enate possesses features like simple ticketing, digital resource failure management and multi bot digital workforce management.

      With its simple ticketing, Enate scours through inbound/outbound emails and creates work that has to be completed as tickets and cases. Through digital resource failure management, it effectively optimizes resource utilization and boosts the productivity of humans and bots.

      And Enate acts as a digital worker aggregator by integrating various technologies - RPA, AI or Cognitive technologies without the need for bespoke technical integration.

      To put it simply, Enate furthers intelligent automation through effective process orchestration. It doesn’t merely focus on business-specific outcomes as opposed to generic orchestrators.

      However, Enate may not necessarily be the perfect fit if one wants to implement custom industry solutions. It all depends on one’s business needs and requirements. 
    1. In brief, if you want to automate and orchestrate all your business processes, your workflows, technologies and your workforce to increase your profits and improve resilience, then you’ll find Enate to be the ideal choice.

      Enate's low code automation requires little to no coding, and the interface is super user-friendly paving the way for seamless integration with legacy systems. It is highly configurable and adapts your activities across workflows according to global and local standards.

      Enate is also a plug-n-play platform which flawlessly integrates with future-of-work technologies like RPA, AI, NLP, OCR, etc. to work in tandem.

      So, if you’re in the hunt for a process orchestration tool, then check out Enate considering it is the best in the market with its cutting-edge features, remarkable operational value and a high ROI.

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    About Enate:

    Enate is a UK based enterprise software company. Its Robotic Service orchestration technology combines lightweight Workflow, BPM & work management into a no-code quick SaaS offering. The technology delivers end-to-end process automation by connecting human workers & digital bots (RPA, OCR, AI/ML, etc.) into one hybrid workforce and managing operations across them.

    The platform enables organizations to save 20 to 30% operating costs by scaling automation & streamlining operations to improve efficiency. Enate manages nearly 10 million transactions annually, across users in more than 60 countries.  

    The platform's customers include global brands like Mizuho Bank, Capgemini, EY, Utmost (erstwhile Generali Link), and many more.