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Enate’s mission is to Simplify Service Automation for BPO and HR organisations around the world. Our culture is focused on bringing together a talented team of individuals, giving them the freedom to express their talent and the direction to contribute to our shared goal. We’re a global company with a global outlook.

Simplified Service Automation is not just the fundamental outcome we look to achieve for customers, but also expresses the core values of our business.
Kit Cox, enate CEO.


Simplified is the watchword for everyone in Enate. To us, Simplified means elegant and wonderful, and is only achieved with careful thought and innovation. Simplification has to be at the heart of what we do – we continually challenge ourselves on whether we’re living up to this aspiration.


Service is what Enate is all about; our software is only delivered as a service and great customer service and relationships are essential to us. Everybody in Enate must recognise that the only reason we are here is to serve our customers better than anybody else.


Delivery is what we do; We deliver results to our customers, we deliver on our promises to each other, we deliver on the targets we set.

Above all… we help our customers to deliver the same.

Meet the Team

Kit Cox
Kit Cox


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Peter Williamson


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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

Director, Business Development

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Uday Jose
Uday Jose

COO, APAC Region

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