Your Problem - Control

If you’re fire-fighting and overrun with production issues

If your staff are working in silos to individual customers and activities

If you spend your time focused on basic performance
and can’t shift the focus to value creation, then...

Enate simplifies

Enate gives team leaders the tools to be proactive managers rather than fire-fighters.

We give service directors visibility of activity costs and delivers data to implement Lean & Six Sigma.

Enate’s interactive visuals give managers intuitive control to help make improvements stick.

Simplification means being ahead of the curve.


Enate establishes control in your service delivery organisation.

Work AllocationWork Allocation

Enate controls the order tasks are performed & prevents agents from cherry picking the tasks that they would like to work on.


Enate ensures the right data is collected & transacted through any process.


Working with Enate ensures that your organisation always adheres to the business rules you have established.


Enate automatically controls adherence to process. Activities are performed, automations executed & validations performed.



Resource Distribution

Enate allows you to change resource distribution in real time to fit the day's needs.

Switch resources instantly between queues or allow enate to automatically spread load most efficiently.

Activity DistributionActivity Distribution

Control work in progress (WIP) to maximise throughput.

Enate ensures that the right activities are distributed at the right time to optimise ouput.


Enate controls all comms in & out of the service delivery organisation.

Ensure the right information is communicated in the right way at the right time.


Skill Skills Distribution

Enate helps you identify skills gaps and gives you the information you need to create structured learning plans.

ActivityActivity Distribution

Enate gives you the information to predict load patterns, schedule


Enate controls all communication in & out of the service delivery organisation ensuring the right information is communicated in the right way at the right time.



Enate allows you the information that you need to establish strategic controls and automate their operation.


Control the flow of activity seamlessly between offshore & onshore delivery.

ResourcingResourcing blend

Automatically control the mix of onshore, offshore, robot & crowd resources to optimise profitability & performance.


Control reputational risk by ensuring and proving adherence to policy & procedure.

Crowd Source

Unleash new resourcing opportunities.

DollarControl Pricing

Agree pricing that is demonstrably correct and ensure appropriate margin is always maintained.

Enate gives you instant control to improve performance and drive change.

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