Your Problem - Automation

If your staff spend hours on excel trackers and handling manual emails

If your processes only work through people rather than systems

If your operational workflows don't integrate with your
line of business systems, then...

Enate simplifies

Enate’s robotic process control seamlessly co-ordinates activity across your other systems and automates many manual activities.

With Enate, staff just deliver service: Allocation, prioritisation and tracking are completely automated by Enate.

The Enate automation journey starts simple and allows you to add more sophistication & power over time, delivering big savings at every step.

Simplification means cutting manual activity and letting the machines take the load.

What is the Enate automation journey?


Enate takes control of all communication across
your service: email, phone or chat.


Did You Know?

Typically 5% of time in service centres is spent chasing for
progress and updates…
With Enate, this is a thing of the past.

CommunicationsStandard responses and automated follow-up slash the time taken dealing with communications & improve response quality.

CommunicationsAll inbound communications are routed through Enate, analysed by the system and sent to the right people to handle.

Everything you’ve received from and sent to customers remains searchable with a couple of clicks.


Enate delivers process automation at three levels.

Start simple and add power as you learn more..



Enate automates ticket management and allocation, ensuring tickets get to the right people and are resolved within SLA.

Start by managing all your activity as tickets and get instant control with data on cost, volume and SLAs.


Case Management

Enate Case Management allows you to manage cases that proceed through different steps & automatically distribute actions to the right people.

All communications, data and documents to support the case are central & searchable.

With Enate Case Management you can combine manual and automated actions to drive efficiency.



Enate BPM allows you to define detailed rules based business processes that deliver high degrees of automation and bring people to bear where necessary.

With Enate BPM you have the ultimate tool to create seamless processes that run across your line of business systems.


Enate automates measurement.. and measures everything important to delivery of your service.


Enate makes sure that you deliver services on time. It measures how long it took from end to end and how much effort went in.


Enate automatically measures KPIs and is the single source of truth on whether the service is being delivered to client’s expectations.


Enate tracks defects, their root causes and the effort that goes into re-working them. What’s more, it gives your Six Sigma & Lean teams the data to go to work on.


Enate measures the flow of activity through your service centre and highlights bottlenecks and areas for improvement.


Enate automatically measures Activity Based Costs and presents these simply, showing where improvements would get most bang for buck.

Get the data you need to support your charging model.


Enate knowledge takes the information essential for delivering awesome service and makes it available to everybody.. Employees, Operations teams & SMEs.

EntateEnate knowledge delivers tailored and targeted information.

Enate knowledge uses natural language to search.. simply type the question that's in your head and enate will take care of the rest.

Enate Knowledge is powered by Tansversal, the world leader in natural language & semantic search

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Enate includes adapters that allow seamlessly linking your Enate processes into your line of business systems.


Links with leading robotics platforms like BluePrism and UIPath create unlimited possibilities for automation across systems.

How much you could save with Enate automation?